Parmonic Webinar Snackification

Is anyone here familiar with Parmonic? It’s a software that takes webinars and turns them into shorter, snackable videos (2-3 minutes) meant to increase engagement for those who don’t want to take the time to watch a whole webinar.
We’ve had a demo with them, but curious if anyone has used them or tried something similar and what the outcome was.
Any and all feedback appreciated. Thanks, webinerds!

Hi Courtney, I haven’t heard of them before, but looks really intriguing! How were you envisioning using in your marketing programs today? In promo emails and social?


Hey @tiffany.beddow.1! Definitely email and social (paid and unpaid), as well as using the short videos to amplify long-form content pages on similar topics, and beef up engagement with on-demand webinars. Here’s a link to an example landing page they shared with me, which I loved:

This is my first time hearing of this. Might be a great option to give a preview to entice customers to watch more.

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Hi Courtney! I actually just started testing Parmonic right before the holidays, and I was VERY impressed by how easy their software is to use and how well the algorithm predicted segments to highlight from my test webinar, which was actually covering a very technical topic. Those snackified videos were available within hours, and from there the code to display them worked perfectly in my email client and CMS (Drupal). We’re using the videos primarily via email and social, but also used mass text to entice leads to check out our 1 or 2-minute video from the webinar.

I don’t have a lot of results yet (the holidays got in the way), but we certainly had more views on at least one of the short clips than the standard full recording we used to share out. The way the videos display is super visually appealing and I loved that I could go in and very easily modify the Parmonic-recommended segments, as well as create my own additional segments. I recommend doing a test! We’re continuing to test with additional webinars this spring.

Hello all. We have recently implemented Parmonic at Verint Systems and have been pleased with the results so far. The snackable approach to webinars is great, and it is allowing us to get far more value out of our webinars. People are busy, so having a means to break a webinar down in an effective way is fantastic. Our primary focus is on using the snackable elements within on demand email promotions and in our social campaigns. Thus far we are having good success on both of these fronts. Over time we have other plans to leverage Parmonic, with one example being our lead qualification team. The vision is to plug them into Parmonic with the ability to include snackable elements in their lead qualification communications. We are very pleased to date, and so much more we can do over time!